Thursday, December 29, 2011

Grown Up Christmas

Christmas felt different this year. I can't really explain why it was different, but it just was. This was the first Christmas that was really all about spending time with and appreciating family. Sure, I got presents but they were secondary to the fun I was having with my crazy family. I think this is what it feels like to be a grown up. When did that happen?

Michele and I drove home on the 23rd and made stops to visit Aunt Honey and Grandpop along the way. We had such a great time - just laughing and talking. Mom and Sam are always really excited to see us. Even Renee was in a good mood. Instead of being focused in what would be waiting for under the tree or anxiously waiting to head back to the city, I really was able to really be in the moment. Decorating the tree was more fun this year than any previous year. I think the fact that Izzy, our aging Rottweiler, couldn't stop innocently passing gas really helped. We were all dying laughing. Another highlight was when I nearly toppled the tree when trying to put the vintage, homemade angel on the top of the Christmas tree. Christmas day, Renee and I sat and played Tanks on the Wii and I even tried Just Dance 3. Maybe it's my SSRI, but I had a lot of fun letting go and dancing like an idiot to a cover of Baby One More Time.

The fact that I really enjoyed spending time with my family doesn't mean that I didn't some fabulous gifts. The best of all was the iPad 2 that Antonio got me (which I'm actually using to write this post). But my family also got me exactly what I wanted - blacks socks, white t-shirts, Apple headphones, new workout shirts, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy and many other great gifts.

We may not have gotten to our usual family activities this year like making the gingerbread house or painting the nativity set, but I think we felt closer than years past. I really saw how much they love me and how I should bet grateful to have such a great support system. It really makes me wants to go home more often and connect with that small town part of myself. I also saw just how awesome my mom is. She's just the coolest and most selfless person I know. I love her.

Best ... Christmas ... Ever!

Posted from my iPad 2